Beware 9 foods that kill intelligence!

1- Sugar products:
Sugar not only harms you gain weight, it also affects your mind, so it can cause serious neurological problems! 
Sugar affects your memory and your ability to learn, so it is preferable to avoid corn syrup and products that contain sugar and fructose in high levels.

Our eating habits affect our health and the rate of weight gain or decrease, but did you know that your eating habits can affect your IQ as well ?!
Here is this list of 9 foods that gradually kill intelligence, so beware:

2- Fast food:
A recent study at the University of Montreal has demonstrated that fast food changes chemicals in the brain, leading to symptoms of depression and distress. It can also lead to similar withdrawal symptoms related to stopping addiction when you stop taking it because it contains a high percentage of fat!
Fast food also affects the secretion of dopamine , a substance responsible for feeling happy and making you feel good, and dopamine also enhances cognitive functions, the ability to learn, wake up, memory and feel motivated to do something.
3- Fried foods:
All prepared foods contain chemicals, dyes, additives, preservatives and artificial flavors, and these substances affect cognitive behavior and functions in a person, whether child or adult, because they lead to hyperactivity.
Fried foods slowly destroy nerve cells in the brain, however some of the oils used for frying are more dangerous than others, for example sunflower oil is the most toxic.
4- Processed or semi-cooked foods:
Kids Snacks
Just like fried foods, they affect the central nervous system and can lead to degenerative disorders in the brain at a later time, that is, they cause diseases such as Alzheimer's over a long period of use.
5- Very salty foods:
We all know that salt raises blood pressure and affects the heart, but also foods that have a high level of salt (sodium) affect cognitive functions and impair the ability to think!
In other words, it affects your intelligence!
And salty foods also cause withdrawal symptoms of addiction when you get used to it, where there is a strong desire to eat salty foods when you stop them.
6- Regular pills:
Regular pills - not whole ones - affect brain function and overall health, and 100% whole grains are beneficial and are known to help prevent arterial aging. If you regularly take regular pills, this will gradually expose you to amnesia or blurry memory.
All you need to replace the carbohydrates you eat daily from rice and regular news to rice and news of whole grains.
7- Manufactured proteins:
Proteins are the basic building block for building muscle in the human body, and meat is the richest source of it, but processed meats such as salami, sausages, and hot dogs are badly affecting the nervous system, unlike the natural proteins that fortify the nervous system.
Choose natural proteins in fish like salmon, tuna, seeds, nuts, and dairy products.
8- Unsaturated fats:
Unsaturated fats cause a lot of problems, they affect the heart and lead to obesity and high cholesterol, as they harm your mind as well because they make the brain slow and affect your reactions and the quality of the brain's response, not to mention that it increases the risk of stroke!
Unsaturated fat has other effects on the brain if consumed for a very long time, it can lead to a type of shrinkage in the brain that is somewhat similar to the contraction caused by Alzheimer's disease, because unsaturated fat damages the arteries slowly throughout the period of use.
You can prevent all of these harmful effects by simply reducing your intake of unsaturated fats.
9- Industrial sweeteners:
Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that are usually used by people who are on a diet to lose weight, or who have diabetes. It is true that they contain fewer calories, but they do more harm than good as they cause brain damage and affect cognitive functions when used for long periods, especially if they are used in large quantities.

This was a list of the foods most dangerous to your mind, and certainly as we say in our examples: "It exceeds its limit and turns against it." We have to eat in balance in everything so that we do not suffer these damages.
We wish you continued health and wellness.

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