The best food for diabetics


Diabetes is defined as a chronic disease, caused by a sharp rise
n blood sugar, as a result of a

decrease in the hormone insulin, but it is possible to
control this imbalance, by taking medicines for
diabetes, or by following a healthy diet

The best food for diabetics

The correct diet is considered one of the most important
factors that control diabetes, and the diet is
to eat foods and drinks that control the level of sugar i
n the blood, and the following are the best
foods for diabetes

Oats: Oats are a nutrient rich in soluble dietary fiber
 and the process of digesting oats is slower than
digesting the rest of the carbohydrates, which means
producing glucose in the blood more slowly
which keeps the blood sugar level from rising, so
 dietitians advise diabetics Eating four servings of
oats per day
Cinnamon: Cinnamon consists of compounds that are able to
stimulate insulin receptors, and thus
better absorb sugar in the blood. Studies have shown that eating half
 a teaspoon of cinnamon daily
helps to reduce the level of sugar
Olive oil: It works to improve insulin sensitivity and stimulate
its action, because it is rich in
monounsaturated fats
Legumes: Like beans, where legumes contain a high
amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers
which increase the feeling of satiety for a long time
which maintains the level of sugar in the blood
Egg whites: Eggs are rich in saturated protein, so
 it is advised to eat egg whites more than once a
week, as it is an ideal food to control sugar, and egg
whites are low in calories, which works to lose
Dairy products: it works to increase insulin sensitivity
 and thus stimulate its action, and studies have
shown that eating two servings of dairy daily
reduces the risk of complications from diabetes
Fish: It is preferable to replace red meat with fish
because it is rich in omega-3 acids, which reduces
the chances of any inflammation to double diabetes problems or gain weight

    Special advice and rules for diabetics

    Commitment to small quantities of food, and not eating too
     much, as this rule is one of the most
    important means of regulating blood sugar, and avoiding
    any complications in the patient
    Divide main meals into more than one meal, and eat them in batches
    That the diet be complete, so that it contains all the
     nutrients, from starch, fat and protein, taking into
    account the amount that is eaten
    Specifying a specific date for each meal, and adhering to it
    especially if the patient is taking special
    medications to treat the disease, because neglect and not taking
    medications on time will lead to a
    sharp drop in the blood sugar level, which will put the patient at risk
    If the patient is obese or overweight, it is best to work to lose weight
    by exercising and walking regularly
    The patient must be aware of the percentage of sugar in most meals
    and food, in order to be able to
    control the level of sugar, and not to supply the body with large quantities

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