How to make healthy food

How to get healthy food

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Healthy food

Mothers are keen to prepare the best types of food for their family
 members, so they are constantly
looking for healthy methods and recipes, and that is by
following many things we mention, including
choosing the finest types of food from vegetables, meat
and fish, and using the least possible oils and
fats that harm the body with The passage of time, in
addition to avoiding seasoning food with hot
spices and salt in an exaggerated manner as this is
 harmful to the health of the kidneys, and in our
article we will learn about two methods
of cooking healthy and delicious food

Making the buffet

A tablespoon of sweet spice
A teaspoon of cinnamon
Half a teaspoon of black pepper
A teaspoon of table salt
Two tablespoons of oil
A glass of water
One piece of potato, cut into quarter
A clove of peeled garlic
Peeled carrot
Four heads of peeled onions, cut into quarters
Kilograms of boiled potatoes
Small spoon of salt
Three tablespoons of powdered milk
Two tablespoons of butter
A quarter of a tablespoon of white spice
A cup of boiled, peeled, and chopped carrots
A cup of boiled green peas
A quarter of a teaspoon of pepper
Table salt, to taste

How to prepare

Transfer the beefsteaks in a
deep frying pan over the fire with pepper, salt, sweet spice, and
cinnamon. Then, lift the beefsteak and set it aside in a bowl
, then stir the garlic, onions, potato seeds
and carrots in the same skillet, then bring back the
beefsteak and add the water and cover the pan until they are tender. Ingredients
Mash the boiled potatoes with milk, salt, butter and
white spice. After mixing the ingredients, put
the mixture on low heat and sauté it for a while
Put two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan over the
 fire, then add the boiled and peeled carrots
 and stir the ingredients, then add the peas and flavor the mixture
with pepper and salt, then remove from the heat
We take a few vegetables and broth in the pan and then mash
it until it becomes like cream, then put the beefsteak in a
suitable serving dish with a spoon of potatoes and
a spoonful of pea and carrot sauce
Pour cream sauce over the face

Avocado Salad Work

A loaf of tortilla bread
A grain of avocado
One tomato
Three leaves of lettuce
A bean of carrots
A lemon
Half a cup of mayonnaise
Tablespoon of olive oil
A quarter of a teaspoon of salt
¼ teaspoon of black pepper

How to prepare

We wash all the vegetables, then chop the lettuce
tomatoes, and avocado and put them in a bowl
while keeping some avocado aside for decoration
Squeeze the lemon, sprinkle the carrot, then add it to the vegetable bowl
and stir the ingredients
We flavor the salad with black pepper, salt, and lemon, then add the
oil, and sauté the ingredients
We put an appropriate amount of salad on the tortilla loaf and
garnish with avocado, as well as a
pinch of mayonnaise